Priya Upfront

Priya’s brain is her most powerful asset. She loves creating and manifesting new ideas, whether it’s a game changer or a new marketing move. When the wheels start turning watch out!

One big aspect of what Priya puts her “brains” on is her commitment and loyalty to the projects. The longest company she has owned started in 2003, Blue Box Media, started with art restoration and now produces online media.

Her Current Projects Include:

Moms Pump Here – The first online GPS resource and App helping moms find, rate and share nursing room locations to breastfeed and breast pump. Creates by moms for moms, the App houses close to 2,000 locations in the United States, US Territories, Canada, Australia and more! Download the App on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon!

The EDGE Charitable Foundation – Founded in 2007, The EDGE is a humanitarian organization which helps children while empowering youth worldwide. We have impacted thousands of children around the world. Volunteer, sponsor or donate to the EDGE today!