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Writing a spicy science fiction romance is a fun and special experience on the surface but the real reason I wrote She is the Wild Wolf: An Origin Story is for women just like me. Tala Estrada (my main character) is a 44 year old, brown woman, mom of two teenagers, married and living in Brooklyn, NY when she is abducted by aliens. She has a traumatic background and all the reasons to doubt herself in her new situation but just like many of us on the doorstep of menopause Tala has to dig deep to pull out the courage we need to face day to day tasks, let alone, aliens, a new planet and powers given to her by an all knowing source.

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I started developing this story because I needed a way to escape. I needed to pull myself out of the sunken place depression often throws you into. Using inspiration from Women Who Run with Wolves (by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés) and my improv therapy group, self titled, The Wild Women, I crafted a story around the female archetype.

Tala’s name means wolf in Sioux and has a mixed ethnic background but she struggles with the role she finds herself in, as an older human female and the only brown women in her group, when stereotypically young white women in their twenties are abducted in these sci-fi romances. She is told she has to fall in line, mate with other aliens to save the universe and do the right thing at all times.

Tala is desperate to find normalcy in her new situationships on H’le but without the security and safety of her husband on Earth she must lean on her male counterparts until she realizes her worth and she has full control of her own power. Tala falters quite a bit but with all the chaos and uncertainties surrounding her she holds on to what is in front of her and gives herself grace. A grace many women seek as they age, unravel their traumas, face patriarchal expectations and learn to love themselves in an unforgiving world.

She is the WIld Wolf takes on serious archetypes but there are references to music, New York City culture, and sexual freedom. My plan is to make it a three book series because science fiction romance it’s a growing popular sub genre.

In today’s publishing climate many middle aged women will identify with Tala Estrada. Not only for her age but because we crave fantastical romantic stories that help us to escape and unwind the harsh realities of our lives, whether it’s related to relationships, health, career, children or purpose. I hope you will give Tala Estrada’s story a chance and find her worthy of the grace we all deserve.